What I miss (or will miss) East vs. West….

I was recently asked what I missed the most. I thought that might be a good thing to blog about, so THANKS Lois!

10. I miss driving. I miss getting into the car and driving myself to and from anywhere I want to go on my own schedule.

9. I miss my house, the physical surroundings, the street, the patio and the dryer!

8. I miss the stores like Target, CVS, TJ Maxx andHallmark (or these kind of stores). I could always quickly run to one of these stores and grab something I needed for the right price and quality!

7.  I miss the Internet. I miss being able to quickly check something on my phone, laptop or iPad. I will never complain about Internet speed again!

6.  The FDA and being able to read food labels.

5.  Our schools.

4. I miss the grocery stores. I miss the bunny free, meat hanging free, pig head free, turtle free grocery stores!

3. Our pets!


1. And what I miss the most…friends and family. I miss picking up the phone and calling them in the same time zone and the ease of getting together or just dropping in.

Something from home I do not miss is TV. We have two beautiful flat screen TVs in this house, but we don’t have cable and they are never turned on. We of course download a few shows from home on our iPad and we may watch a movie on the weekend, but that is a few hours a week at most.

Interesting, as I thought about what I miss at home I started to think about what I will miss from here! The lists have interesting similarities.

10. The fresh dumpling wrappers that I can get anytime I want to make homemade dumplings. I need to find some Asian grocery stores near home!

9. I will miss meeting people from all over the world and learning about their cultures and lives.

8. Being successful using a new language.

7.  The extra travel/ vacations we have been able to take.

6. Walking everywhere. Especially to the bakery across the street to buy fresh bread!

5. The school, although there are some things about the schools at home that I miss, there will be very cool things about the kid’s school here that they won’t get exposure to anymore.

4. The food. We love the local Sichuan spicy food!

3. The Ayi. Let’s face it, I am the maid at home and having a break from laundry and the floors has been great!

2. My husband having breakfast with us every morning and his shorter commute.

1. I will miss the people. Our new friends are wonderful; we are so lucky to have a group of fantastic people in Chongqing.

So it confirms that in life it all comes down to the people, not “things.” I am always happy spending time with good friends and now we just have a longer list of them!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tara O'Donnell Travis
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 14:07:38

    It was JUST yesterday on my way home I was thinking “this is when I would give Liz a call”….I wish you could have!


  2. Judy Labrie
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 20:05:27

    Liz it sounds like your stay there has been a good one and not so good but it has
    been a great learning experance for all of you now when someone say’s to you
    we dont know how the other side of the world lives you can say oh yes I can. along
    with the good and bad you have all created many memories that will stay with you the rest of your life so hang in there and know the stay is coming to an end soon and life will be back to normal again . Take care and best wishes to all of you
    Love Aunt Judy


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