From home….

So we have been home for 18 days today. It has been a whirlwind trip so far, non stop! We have visited so many friends and family. We have been on sleep overs and we have had many sleep overs at our house. We have celebrated the 4th of July and on Saturday the death of a friend. My husband’s childhood friend named Jen lost her 12 year battle with a rare and horrific cancer. She was 45 years old and in that short amount of time led an amazing life. She set a world record for snowshoeing, put herself through PA school after she was diagnosed and spent 13 years with a man who loved her deeply and stuck with her even though they had only been together a year before her diagnosis. She never married him (although she wanted to more than anything else) because she didn’t want to leave him with her medical bills when her life was over. So of course you could never attend a funeral like this one without being totally in awe of the person who passed. It is heart wrenching whenever anyone dies so young. She has so much to offer and she was so motivated to live. Not only has Jen passed away but also a beloved employee at my husband’s company at the age of 59 unexpectedly died and a friend of mine tried to take his life last week. Thankfully he did not and my heart aches for the pain he is in and the fact that this is what he thought would be his best option.

So in the past 18 days I have been reminded how short life is and that now is the time to live it. You never know what will happen next. Our wonderful friends and family that stayed in touch and supported us the last five months are still here and plan to be here when we get back. There are more adventure for us and now more than before I look forward even more to taking them.