In our New Year…

Christmas is fast approaching and my own list is being checked twice as I feel like I am sure to forget something. The reason, I have so much on my mind. The Houghton Family is about to do something like never before. We are moving to China! People keep asking me “Are you excited?” the answer is “Yes”, am I also scared, stressed, curious, sad, happy and intrigued….YES! We have a lovely life in Londonderry, we have awesome friends, a nice home, great neighbors and everything is consistent. So, I am looking at this entire experience as a time for change,
a time for learning and of personal growth.
The kids are going to not only be exposed to China and all of the differences of just living in a foreign country, but they are going to an amazing school. They will be learning Mandarin everyday and they will be part of a school community that currently has 26 different nationalities. They will not only learn from their English and Mandarin speaking teachers in each room,
but from all of their classmates from around the world. This will be a time for both Will and Ella to learn about how they make their way in the world. We will all be challenged at times to have more patience, we will deal with frustrations of a language barrier and of just everything being different, food, people, environments.
Chip is about to undertake a very exciting and challenging new role for his company. He is going to work very hard and also experience all of the above. Not everyone at the Liberty Chongqing office speaks English, he will have to learn the way things are done in China, and he will need to create change for his office. As we all know, we all react differently to new people and to change.
Then there is me. Everyone keeps asking “What about you, what are you doing?” Believe me, I have spent many hours thinking about this. First of all if you know me and love me, you know I am not an introvert.¬† It is also not my way to sit around all day eating bon bons. The school is already excited that I am a teacher and I am guessing at some point I will at least start subbing. First and foremost, just like here in NH is to take care of my kids. I want to do everything in my power to help Will and Ellla with this major transition. Just like here in NH, so much of my life is taking care of them. Our life will look very much the same as Chip will commute to work everyday and I will take care of the house and kids and homework after school. I do want to learn the language and feel like can not only communicate, but feel comfortable getting around. I want to photo document this adventure from beginning to end. Both of the kids are old enough to remember this experience, but I want them to have their own scrapbooks to share with their own children someday. I am very excited to meet new people from around the world. I am already communicating with two moms from the school and they are both part of international woman’s groups that I hope to join. That said, my friends back home will also be a huge support! Although I won’t be here on a day-to-day basis for 16 months I want to hear about what is going on with everyone. THANK YOU in advance to all of my peeps who have bought into the Apple company so we can communicate for free!! Thank goodness this move is coming in a day and age where technology¬†will make it so much easier for all of us!!! Our move is planned for @16 months. The time is going to fly as life seems to be on fast forward, and time flies when you are having fun, right? I am going into this expecting lots of fun. I want this to be lots of fun for everyone. And on that note, I hope it will be fun for you to follow us on this blog to hear all of the good, the bad and the adventurous times we will be having!!!!